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Ideal Muslim
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By: Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi
Pages: 386
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9789960850429
Publisher: IIPH
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The Ideal Muslim : The True Islamic Personality as Defined in the Qur'an and Sunnah

The ideal Muslim is a man of the highest moral character. In his relation with his rabb (lord), himself, family, parents, relatives, friends, and the community at large, he has a most excellent example in the Prophet of Islam (pbuh). His idealism is further strengthened by the characters of the first generations of Muslims who excelled in all the various fields of human endeavor. He is reassured by the teachings of Islam that he also can reach these noble heights by working to improve his character daily.

In this title, the author gives a clear overview of the practical aspects of the Islamic lifestyle, as exemplified by the Prophet (pbuh) and his Companions (pbuh). Moving from the innermost aspect of the individual's spiritual life to his dealings with all those around him, one can see how the Muslim is expected to interact with all others in his life.

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Reviewer: on 03/02/2014
I honestly loved this book and the female version "The Ideal Muslimah"; I just wish they had the Ideal Muslim society. This series is great because as the author himself notes one of the main roots of differing in Muslim communities around the world is each group/hizb/jamaa'a focusing so stringently on 1 or 2 aspects of Islam to the negligence of others [spiritual, political, economic, etc.]. You'll love the way it's set up. The Muslim with his Lord, mother, father, etc. Review by: patience62003 :::::::: One of the best reads on Muslim guidance I have read thus far. This is excellent for teenage boys who will soon grow to become men, inshAllah. I have young sons who I read to every morning and with this book I use it to practice the din with them. From how to be a good Muslim Husband to how to seek Allah's pleasure this is a must have for Muslim men.I also bought The Ideal Muslimah and it is excellent as well and has more information. Review by: sajidcis :::::::: This book has totally changed the way I interact with others. Has lots of hadeeth from Sahih muslim & bukhari for authentication. It really makes you think about how you treat others & makes you want to become a better person. I met my neighbors & gave them a gift because of this book. It's really good stuff! Review by: zm1232000

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