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Arabic for Beginners Book 2 - Kindergarten
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By: Muhammad S. Adly
Pages: 29
Binding: Paperback
Size: 8.5x11" (21x28 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9780983107767
Publisher: Al-Adly Publications
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Designed with beginners in mind, this book will assist you in reading and writing the Arabic alphabet. Practice writing by using written exercises, learn to say the Arabic letters and add new words to your vocabulary.

Words are taken from everyday usage, allowing them to be utilized in daily life. English Phonetics are used to introduce each new Arabic letter and vocabulary word.

A tool for uniting the family, it enables the whole family to have fun together through the learning process.

Colorful pictures add to the beauty of the book.


This book is for beginners of all ages. As long as you area beginner you should find something beneficial in this book. This is the way the book has been designed. You may learn to practice writing your arabic alphabet by using the bottom half of the page. You may also learn to say the arabic letters or you may add to your arabic vocabulary with each introduction of a new word. English phonetics are used to introduce each new letter and vocabulary word. You will find the vocabulary words taken from everyday usage, which allows them to easily be utilized in daily life. Arabic for Beginners Book 2 is a tool for uniting the family. It is a piece of work helping parents and children to work together. It can also enable the entire family to have fun together through the learning process.

This book contains several unique features:

  • The correct pronunciation of the letters and words.
  • The usage of Islamic vocabulary as well as words used in our daily life.
  • It is for beginners of all ages.
  • The best effort has been used in avoiding images that are not in accordance with Islamic teachings.
  • This book is followed by at least two other books for beginners of which 3 and 4 are already published.

I pray Allah (SWT) accept this humble effort, to make it sincerely for His pleasure and to make it beneficial for the Muslims.

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