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Make Wudu & Salaah like the Prophet (S)

A Simple Step by Step Illustrative Guide

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Make Wudu & Salaah like the Prophet (S)
Code: R45
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By: Muhammad S. Adly
Pages: 48
Binding: Paperback
Size: 5.5x8.5" (14x21.5 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9780983107712
Edition: 6th May, 2011
Publisher: Al-Adly Publications
Shipping Weight: 0.23 lbs
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With its pictures and English phonetics, making salah is a easy as it gets! This prayer manual is a must have for any Islaamic Book Collection!

This booklet explains how the Prophet (S) used to perform his wudu and salat (prayers), which are required of all Muslims five times daily.

We would like to provide this demonstration to every male and female so they may strive to utilize the Prophet's manner as a model for performing their salaah.

Imam Al-Bukhari narrated that the messenger of Allah (A) said: "Perform your salah in the same manner as you have seen me doing."

Therefore in a humble effort, we explain the messenger of Allah (S) manner of wudu and salah.

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Reviewer: Lynn G. from San Francisco, United States on 02/26/2015
Alhamdulillah for this slender book! I am a revert who is still struggling with Arabic and with my Salah. I purchased a new copy of this book for my old one which is tattered and worn from being splashed with water from wudu, having pages turned again and again from salat while I read the transliteration from Arabic and then read the meaning in English below it. Mash'Allah, it is such a wonderful book! It starts out with Wudu, with halal picture illustrations, and continues through with the salah. Each step has an illustration, an explanation of the position/movement, the words to be said 1] in Arabic, 2] in transliterated English, 3] in translated English. It gives advice on how to maintain Khushoo during each step of prayer, which I find especially important. Beyond that, there are seven pages of Surahs with 1] Arabic; 2]transliteration in English; 3] translation in English. This is perfect for learning and also for following the Sunnah of Rasul'Allah[saws], something that this book describes in detail. Please, buy a copy for every new revert that you know, insha'Allah. If you are a Muslim[a] who is unsure in Salah because of whatever reason -do not hesitate to turn and to take those steps to Allah's[swt] mercy through this little book. For Allah[swt] said, “If you come to Me walking, I will come to you running.” - Hadith Qudsi. Any good information I have given here is through the blessing and for the sake of Allah [swt], any bad is through my own fault. And Allah [swt] knows best.

Reviewer: Faheem from West Haven, United States on 12/31/2009
Alhamdulillah, a great book for new Muslims and also for Muslims. Many things to learn. Many corrections done. The only thing which is lacking in this book as per my understanding is that it does not list what are Fard, Sunnah and nawafil of a particular salah. I think probably the reason is to keep it as simple as possible. I would highly recommend this book to all.

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