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Sahih Muslim (8 Vol. Set - Arabic-English - Non-Darussalam)
Code: R20a
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Translator: Abdul Hamid Siddiqi
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x10" (17x24 cm)
Publisher: Sh. Muhammad Ashraf
Shipping Weight: 14.60 lbs
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Sahih Muslim being traditions off the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad (S) as narrated by his companions and compiled under the title Al-Jami'-us-Sahih by Imam Muslim. Rendered into English by Abdul Hamid Siddiqi with explanatory notes and brief biographical sketches of major narrators. Corrected and revised by Dr. Hassan.

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Each volume has around 400 pages.

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Reviewer: ansar from birmigham, United Kingdom on 09/25/2010
since ive read all the volumes ive found them to be very helpful although sometimes some parts are hard to figure out its one of those volumes collection one must have

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