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Raihal  (Book Stand)
Code: G03
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Format: Wooden stand
Shipping Weight: 1.90 lbs
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C- Large (15.5x7.5) $14.95

Used historically for many a generation, this Wooden Qur'an holder (a.k.a. rihal, rahil, or tawla) has been used by students of the Qur'an for hundreds of years. Used predominantly in India/Pakistan/Asian subcontinent. Helpful for children and adults to recite the Quran in proper form and function. Excellent for the Masjid, Madrassa or for the home.

Raihal available in following sizes:
B) Medium $7.95 - 13×6×1" (33×15×2.5 cm)
C) Large $14.95 - 15.5x7.5" (39x19 cm)

Durable, high-quality wood construction (rosewood). Exact design may vary slightly depending on current stock. Imported from Pakistan.

Shipping Note: The medium raihal cannot fit in the USPS Priority Envelope but can fit in the Priority Flat Rate Box. The small raihal can, however, fit in the USPS Priority Envelope or Box. Raihal cannot be shipped by Media mail, please select either Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx during checkout.

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