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Al-Jumuah Magazine - FREE
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Get a free issue of Al-Jumuah Magazine with your order or get it free with postage (during regular checkout). The above image is just a sample and may not be the actual issue that is sent as we get new issues monthly.

You can subscribe to Al-Jumuah and get it delivered to your home monthly.

Note: We may have to remove the magazine if we experience difficulty in packing your order as the size of magazine is larger than most books.

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Reviewer: Amanda from Covington, United States on 03/17/2013
I have always loved Jumuaah magazine, jazakallah khair Dar Us Salam for the free issues!!

Reviewer: Christopher from BLACKLICK, United States on 04/03/2011
Interesting magazine.

Reviewer: Kelsey from West Des Moines, United States on 05/06/2009
I loved this magazine!!! Im going to have to get a subscription!! Discusses alot of current issues! Has Quran in it to back up the text! Offers alot of ads to show companies that need donating! Best way to get my read on current subjects with no haram!

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