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Al-'Aqidah Al-Wasitiyyah (2 Vol. Set)
Code: 242
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By: Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaimeen
Pages: 1155
Binding: Deluxe Hardback
Size: 6x9x2.3" (15x22x6 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9786035000826
Edition: March 2009
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
Shipping Weight: 3.60 lbs

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A detailed commentary/explanation of the famous writing of Shaikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, al-Aqeedatul-Wasitiyah, done by the noble Shaykh, Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen (Rahimahumullaah).

Two large deluxe volumes contain a detailed study/explanation on the topic of creed/aqeedah (belief in oneness of Allah). Each volume has golden color page edges.

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Reviewer: on 08/15/2015
This a wounderfull and amazing book which explains the correct islamic understanding of the Names and Attributes of Allah, the Most High. Although the book is dealing pretty much with the Names and Attributes, it also deals with other important topics. An example would be the explaination of the correct understanding of the sahaba or The obedience to the rulers. I would suggest that you should read the book while listen to the explainations of it. In that way you would secure yourself from misunderstanding the book and it is also a great way to understand better when you are learning through reading and lessons. On onewaytoparadise.net the explaination of this book can be found in mp3 sounds. It is Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari who reads the arabic version of this book and at the same time translate it to english. Moreover, he also explains what the authors mean and gives many examples. If you take time to study this book, you will surely get a great islamic fundation since the book is describing and explaining many different topic.

Reviewer: on 05/18/2013
A very important book for the Muslim to have in his library. The quality and printing is very good but more important is the Aqeedah that the Shaikh wrote and a very good commentary that explains it in detail.

Reviewer: Sue from Dallas, United States on 03/19/2013
This 2 book set is most beautiful. Golden brown leather binding and cover. Gold gilt pages and corners on the front and back covers. Alhamdulillah so lovely and the content is perfect for someone who is ready for more serious study than the average for aqidah insha Allah. Service was second to none as I received my set of books within 2 days of ordering it. I highly recommend Darussalaam for all your Islamic book needs and I recommend this two book set for the more advanced student of aqidah.

Reviewer: charles from lehigh acres, United States on 07/04/2011
wonderfull set.. must have...

Reviewer: Hashem from Melbourne, Australia on 04/24/2011
Beautifully bound, with golden painted pages. I am in the process of reading these two volumes and mahshallah so far impressed.

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