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Tafsir Ibn Kathir (10 Volume Set)
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By: Hafiz Ibn Katheer
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9x14" (15x22 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9781591440208
Edition: 2nd (July 2003)
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
Shipping Weight: 23.00 lbs

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Tafsir Ibn Kathir is one of the Most Comprehensive and Complete Explanation of The Noble Quran. Translated in to the English language for the First time in the History of Islam!

Translated and abridged by a group of scholars under the supervision of Sheikh Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri. Written and complied by Hafiz Ibn Kathir

The Qur'an is the revelation of Allah's Own Words for the guidance of His creatures. Since the Qur'an is the primary source of Islamic teachings, the correct understanding for the Qur'an is necessary for every Muslim. The Tafsir of Ibn Kathir is the most renowned and accepted explanation of the Qur'an in the entire world. In it one finds the best presentation of Ahadith, history, and scholarly commentary.

Dar-us-Salam is proud to present for the first time this abridged version of Tafsir Ibn Kathir, which is free from unauthentic Ahadith.

Save $20 when you buy 10 volume set compared to buying each volume individually!

Volume 1: Parts 1 and 2(Surat Al-Fatihah to Verse 252 of Surat Al-Baqarah)
Volume 2: Parts 3, 4 & 5 (Surah Al-Baqarah, V. 253 to Surat An-Nisa, V. 147)
Volume 3: Parts 6, 7 & 8 (Surat An-Nisa, V. 148 to the end of Surat Al-An'am)
Volume 4: ~ Parts 8 to 11 (Surat Al-A'raf to the end of Surah Yunus)
Volume 5: ~Parts 11 to 15 (Surah Hud to Surat Al-Isra' Verse 38)
Volume 6: ~Parts 15 to 18 (Surat Al-Isra', Verse 39 to the end of Surat Al-Mu'minun)
Volume 7: ~Parts 18 to 22 (Surat An-Nur to Surat Al-Ahzab, Verse 50)
Volume 8: ~Parts 22 to 25 (Surat Al-Ahzab Verse 51 to Surat Ad-Dukhan)
Volume 9: ~Parts 25 to 28 (Surat Al-Jathiyah to Surat Al-Munafiqun)
Volume 10: ~Parts 28 to 30 (Surat At-Tagabun to end of the Quran)

Each volume is 9x6" Hardback and has around 650 pages.

Publishers Note

Tafsir Al-Qur'an Al-Azim, which is famous by the title Tafsir Ibn Kathir, by Al-Hafiz. Abu Al-Fida' 'Imad Ad-Din Isma'il bin 'Umar bin Kathir Al-Qurashi Al-Busrawi (d. 774 H.), is the most popular interpretation of the Qur'an in the Arabic language, and the majority of the Muslims consider it to be the best source based on Qur'an and Sunnah. This Arabic work spans three thousand and two hundred pages in four volumes. To cover all of the references, Ibn Kathir has also collected some weak Ahadith and Israelitish stories. Some repetitions also occur in it, as and when the topics required these.

As Darussalam has made a policy to publish only such works which are based on Qur'an and authentic Ahadith we appointed a board of Islamic scholars to summarize Tafsir Ibn Kathir in the original Arabic language. Shaykh Abu Al-Ashbal Ahmad Shagif of Rabitah Al-'Alam Al-Islami, Makkah, and Shaykh Safi-ur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri, Head of the Research Committee of Darussalam worked with a team of other scholars for about two years on this project. We published this summarized version in the Arabic language titled as Al-Misbah Al-Murur fe Tahdhib Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

This summarized version was prepared for the sole purpose of translation into all the major languages of the world. First of all, it is being presented in the English language as it is the most widely written and spoken in the world.

To translate a book in another language is a task requiring great skill, and when it comes to the translation of Tafsir and Hadith, then it becomes a greater responsibility, requiring the skills of both languages and the knowledge of religion and religious terms. The help, advice, guidance and cooperation of many persons was sought for the various steps of the project. The translation was done by Mr. Jalal Abualrub (USA), Mr. Nasir Khitab, his wife Mrs. Huda Khitab (Canada), Mr. Aqeel Walker (USA), Dr. Muhammad Al-Jibali (USA) and Mr. Sami Ayoub (USA). The translation was edited by Mr. Abu Khaliyl (USA), Mr. Muhammad Farooq (Pakistan), Mr. Abdul Ahad (India) Mrs. Jalal Abualrub (USA), Mr. Abdul-Mun'im (Egypt), Mr. Sidheeque M.A. Veliankode (India). Qari Muhammad Iqbal (Pakistan), Mr. Shakil Ahmad As-Salafi (India) and Hafiz Abdul-Matin (Pakistan). Layout planning and computer programming in an advanced publishing software was voluntarily carried out by Mr. Muhammad Munawar (Pakistan).

The typesetting and correction of manuscript was done by Mr. Abdus-Samad (India), Syed Ali Haider (India) and Mr. Hassan Ajami (Egypt). Some valuable suggestions were made by Mr. AlArabi bin Razduq (UK) and Mr. Omar Johnson (USA).

We have tried our best not to include any weak Hadith in this presentation. All the authentic sayings of the Prophet (S) have also been presented in the Arabic language along with diacritics. The only sections of the Arabic that were not translated are some discussions pertaining to Arabic words which were not pertinent to the English readers, such omissions are very few to mention. Topic headings were added throughout the Tafsir to help the readers better understand the discussion of the Verses of the Qur'an. The language and style adopted for the translation is very plain and simple. The translation of the meanings of the Verses is from the translation of Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan published by Darussalam. The editors have made some changes in it at some places where it was necessary to comply with the Tafsir.
I am thankful to all the workers, helpers and advisers who cooperated with us in the completion of this great project. And I am especially thankful to Shaykh Safi-ur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri, who is a great scholar of the time and from whom all of us at Darussalam benefit seeking his advice and valuable suggestions regarding our research projects and problems. We have tried our best to make it a faultless work, but human weakness may render any error in it. We ask the readers to forgive us for such errors and to inform us of that in order to remove it from the following editions.

In the whole project, the errors are from our side and from Satan while all the good is from the blessings of Allah. If the people benefit from this translation in the understanding of the Qur'an, we will consider it a great blessing and we pray to Allah for the best reward in the Hereafter.

Abdul-Malik Mujahid
General Manager, Darussalam Publications
Riyadh, March 2000

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Product Rating & Reviews

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Score out of 5 - Number of Raters so far: 13

Reviewer: on 01/22/2009
A brief but accurate translation of the Quran by the Mufassir Ibn Kathir. The only problem with this product is that it isn't the whole set!

Reviewer: Massoud from Toronto, Canada on 01/17/2009
Assalamu Alaikum, brothers and sisiters. This is a great abridged version of Tafsir Ibn Kathir. The explainations of the verses are simply amazing. It is a must buy for anyone willing to have an accurate understanding of the methodology of our Salaf with regards to performing Tafsir. May Allah bless Darussaalm and their efforts. Wassalamu Alaikum

Reviewer: muhammad razaib from ELMHURST, United States on 06/11/2015
this is a must have for every muslim brother and sister. i just started reading it and it made me feel so sorry for myself for wasting that much time without even trying to understand the quran which ibn kathir ra made it so easy for the our generation and the generations to come .

Reviewer: Sofia from Fort Collins, United States on 10/30/2012
I have bought this set of 10 volumes a few years ago and since then I have used it a lot when I read the Quran and even when my kids memorize a sura, I use this tafsir book to explain it to them in more detail. The thing I love about it the most is that it uses hadeeth whenever possible and mentions the level of authenticity of that hadeeth. Highly recommend.

Reviewer: Daniel from Jacksonville, United States on 11/24/2010
Salam Alaikum! My name is Daniel, and i've been a Muslim for less than a year. A couple months ago I ordered Tafsir Ibn Kathir to help me along in further understanding the Qur'an and it has been a blessing since page one! Whenever I have difficulty understanding or comprehending a Surah or Ayat, etc, or a detail thereof, I can open up any corresponding volume of Tafsir Ibn Kathir and it provides lots of useful background, meaning, etc! I recommend this set for sure!

Reviewer: Al Amin from Dhaka, Bangladesh on 07/21/2010
This book is a must for those people who want to understand the Quran in a very easy manner but in deatail. May Allah reward Ibn Kathir, Shaikh Safiur Rahman and all those who put their efforts to make it a master piece.

Reviewer: Hashem from Melbourne, Australia on 03/06/2009
Mahshallah this is a must for every muslim household. The value of having this collection is worth more than the money that you need to spend!

Reviewer: Ana from Renton, United States on 01/13/2009
Asalamualaikum. This set is very beneficial mashaAllah. Ibn Kathir goes into much detail of each verse. In addition, the book also consists of lessons learned from each verse. It is very thorough. A must have for any muslim.

Reviewer: Hussein from Nairobi, Kenya on 04/11/2008
Assalamu alaikum.I have read these books in our local masjid library and its just great. It has enabled me to understand and appreaciate the Qur'an better than bfore. May Allah bless the Darussalam team for their hard work in making these books available to us.

Reviewer: on 03/28/2008
For the english speaker this is a must, it opens up your understanding and appreciation for the quaran. Subhanallah 1 line can have a 10 page story behind it. Mashallah you learn about the history of the prophets and the people of the book. Subhanallah.

Reviewer: on 03/16/2008
Understanding the Qur'an is a priority for all who wish to learn and succeed. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is very well written and a great study. Al Hafiz ibn Kathir explains the verses from a more historical aspect which is crucial to lay a solid foundation. He often narrates stories related to the verses via hadith. You get an excellent insight into the text through his presentation. What I liked about the print from Darussalam in particular was that everything was far more organized than others I have read. I'm positive that all abridged versions are not the same but are similar. This version has decided to leave in narrations of duas related to certain occasions and verses. Overall this is a great buy and a must have.

Reviewer: on 01/25/2008
This is a must have in order to understand the Qur'an. It's spendy, but it's worth investing in!

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