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Mobile Muallim - Prayer Times & Quran for your Cell Phone * On Sale!

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Mobile Muallim - Prayer Times & Quran for your Cell Phone * On Sale!
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Publisher: alazaan
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Mobile Muallim is a software for your cell phone which contains software for prayer timings, playing the Azan on time, recitation and complete text display of the Quran and written text of Dua's and fundamentals of Islam. It is very customizable with host of features mentioned below.

"Mualim" is an Arabic word, which means the one who is a teacher/guide. Virtually every Muslim alive feels a yearning to possess such comprehensive knowledge or atleast enjoy the company of a muallim or least the access to information when they need it. This offering of alazaan a mobile application (for Symbian CLDC1.1, MIDP 2.0, Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and up, Palm and Blackberry; iPhone and Android are scheduled for release next month) incredibly, contains an array of features and study tools that are utterly astonishing. It certainly does not intend to replace the learned muallim. It not only provides an easy access to information that is vital and important but also acts as a reminder of our duty towards our creator.

We all know the importance of Salaat/Prayers in Islam. It is an important pillar of Islam. We pray five times a day at fixed times, determined mainly by the position of the Sun in the sky, amongst various other factors. As easy as it may sound, it is still challenging and yet important to get these timings right. We all understand the need and the desire, and we can help turn your mobile into a useful tool for determining the time of prayer as well as the direction to face when praying (i.e. determining the Qibla direction). A good example of its use is of course using it in the holy month of Ramadan where timings for Suhr/Iftar change every day and need to be kept track of.

Key Features of Mobile Muallim

Daily Salaat Times
for 4000+ locations
Holy Cities
Makatul Mukaramah & Madina Munawarah
Add Custom Cities
Custom Salaat Times
Adhan Alerts
Alarm Alerts
(Tahajud / Ramadan Suhr & others)
Qibla Direction
Qibla direction software
Hijri Calender
Dynamic Hijri Calendar
Hijri Date Conversion
Dates of various important events in Islam
Requirement before and during Salaat
Nawafil Salaat
Jumu'ah & Taraweeh
What invalidate Salaat
Dua's of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Morning and Evening Duas
Prayers for this world and hereafter
Duas for various occasions
Extras like Ayat-al-Kursi, Dua-e-Qunoot
Fundamentals of Islam
Prophets mentioned in the Quran
Allah's Angels
Books of the previous Prophets
Tasbeeh Counter


* A Java-enabled Mobile Phone that supports:
- MIDP 2.0
- JAR (Java Archive) files of size 375 KB+
- 50 KB of Free RAM (i.e. Phone memory, not Storage)

* An Unzipping program (such as http://www.WinZip.com)

* A USB cable or Bluetooth adapter to connect your Phone to your Computer

Mobile Muallim software is compatible with the following cell phone platforms:

Java Enabled Phones: These are typically mobile phones that operate on Symbian Operating System. However a host of Smartphones and Pocket PC's do have a Java Installer.

There a host of phones that are manufactured by HTC, Acus and others and are branded with t-mobile or AT&T under a different trade name. To make sure that you have Windows Mobile OS please check on your home screen/phone manual to make sure that your mobile phone had Windows Mobile Professional/PocketPC 5.0 and up

Mobile Phones with BlackBerry: All mobile phones branded and sold under the BlackBerry tag.

Mobile Phones with PALM: All mobile phones branded and sold by Palm.(There are a fee mobile phones from Palm which run on Windows Mobile OS).

Installation Guide: Click here to learn how to install Mobile Muallim on your mobile phones

Supported Mobiles: Clickhere to find out if your mobile supports Prayer Times

Please Note:
1) All or some of the features may not work on all mobile phones.
2) Alarm Alerts and Azan Alerts may not work on some mobile phones like Palm and BlackBerry.
3) Pause may not work on Palm, BlackBerry and Symbian 40 and below.
4) Quran Audio may not work on some Palm and BlackBerry mobile phones.

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