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Dua' Stickers (Set of 6) ** Clearance
Code: G53
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Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
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Set of 10 stickers with daily & occasional Dua's (supplications) with Arabic text & English Translation. Each sticker is 6.5 x 2.5" and colored differently. Great for children and adults.

Stick the stickers on the places which you view most often when doing the actions. For example, stick the Dua for sleeping and waking up next to bed and dua for leaving the house on the exit door. This will remind you to read the Dua's, help you to memorize them and recite them when doing the certain actions.

Below is a list of the Dua's on the Stickers. The '(2)' after a Dua' means that there are 2 different stickers with different dua's to read on the same occasion. You may read either one or alternate the Dua's.

  • - Invocations for the setting of a debt (2)
  • - Remedy for magic and sorcery
  • - Seeking refuge from leprosy and evil diseases
  • - Seeking refuge from withdrawal of blessings
  • - Seeking refuge from wretchedness in the hereafter
  • - Invocations for sneezing
  • - Invocation for forgiveness from mistakes
  • - Words of remembrance for Morning & Evening (2)
  • Invocation for leaving the washroom
  • What to say upon completion of ablution
  • What to say when leaving the house (2, OUT)
  • What to say before sleeping
  • Invocation for entering the washroom (OUT OF STOCK)
  • Supplication for when you wake up (OUT)
  • Invocation against distraction of satan (OUT)

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Reviewer: sarah a/ from denver,, United States on 05/13/2012
excellent........top product.......a joy to hand out and you should see the look on their faces.....the smiles of appreciation.

Reviewer: syeda from , on 05/02/2011
Mashallah. good product! I put these stickers in the kids bedroom, n they love reciting the duas, fun and consistent way of teaching them! must have!

Reviewer: Kelsey from West Des Moines, United States on 05/06/2009
Masha Allah! I recieved this today and I can carry them with me or stick them on to something.. I prefer to carry them with me.. Beautiful

Reviewer: Salihah from Columbia Heights, United States on 03/13/2009
We put these stickers around home, by the front door, outside of the bathroom, and on the wall next to beds for making dua before sleep and waking up. A great way to remember to make duas throughout the day and learn them through regular use. The stickers are beautiful, masha'Allah, and can even be tacked or taped in place if you do not want to apply a sticker to your wall.

Reviewer: on 01/22/2009
A very good product, for it establishes the remembrance of Allah. I wish it had Roman transliteration script, but that isn't enough to remove a star.

Reviewer: Cristina Mariam from Mississauga, Canada on 06/02/2007

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