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Encyclopedia of Islam for Children
Code: C76
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By: Al-Arabee Ben Razzouq
Pages: 253
Binding: Hardback
Size: 8.5x11.5x0.7" (21x29 cm)
Format: Full Color
SKU/ISBN: 9789960993027
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
Shipping Weight: 2.47 lbs

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This reference tool, which is a humble attempt to place before the English-speaking Muslim children a number of basic Islamic teachings and concepts, is primarily aimed at children of age ten years and over and presents topics in an easy-to-use alphabetical format. It also covers a wide range of topics and features cross-references which draw attention to related subjects.

Given the fact that some of these Islamic teachings and concepts have been forgotten by many Muslims, and given the fact that some of them have been given wrong definitions or interpretations by some non-Muslims, either deliberately or out of ignorance, an effort has been made here to present these teachings and concepts in their true light and clear picture.

The definitions cover a wide range of concepts as well as some of the well-known Prophets and Messengers of Allah, may Allah's peace be upon them all, the significance of certain important Islamic occasions, the benefits of the observance of certain practices and a short biography of the four rightly-guided caliphs who helped shape the destiny of the new faith.

Even though the present reference guide is designed specifically for Muslim children, readers and students of all ages and different faiths who wish to learn more about the world's fastest-growing religion will certainly find it enlightening and highly informative.

NOTE: The binding for this book is not very strong and may be reinforced.

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Reviewer: Um from Miami, United States on 01/23/2013
Masha'Allah, a very nice informational book to teach children and adults about Islam. My children and I enjoy reading this together. I recently received this and insha'Allah I will start from the beginning to end with them. I highly recommend...this is definitely a book for your child's library.

Reviewer: Al-Jumuah from Madison, United States on 05/06/2009
THE CONCISE CHILDREN'S Encyclopedia of Islam discusses 123 topics ranging from Aam Al-Feel [Year of the Elephant] to Zamzam [the sacred water-well of Makkah] with many interesting topics in between. They are presented in alphabetical order and feature cross references which point out attention to related subjects. To quote the compiler of this encyclopedia, AlArabee Ben Razzouq: "The present reference is a humble attempt to place before the English-speaking Muslim children a number of basic Islamic teachings and concepts." Well said. And I strongly feel that this encyclopedia offers more than the statement suggests. I believe, for example, that this reference may be used by adults as well. This encyclopedia can be a welcome addition to the home library for it provides quick and easy access to some of the most basic and important Islamic concepts and teachings. The encyclopedia's illustrations are well thought-out and very pleasing to the eye, especially for children. It can aid them in remembering what they've read long after they've placed the book back on the shelf and moved on to other things.There is also a helpful section with useful definitions included specifically for English-speaking Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and yes, they are very useful. The encyclopedia's sections are color coded and are consistent with the color coding of the topics in the table of contents—all very helpful and user friendly. For added emphasis and easy tacking, verses of Qur'an and the ahadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, are assigned different colors from the rest of the text. The topics cover most elements of eman and Islam in addition to many Islamic occasions. While useful, I still hoped some topics related to contemporary Muslims, Muslim countries, and Islamic history were included to provide a dimension of reality that can be so essential for a more complete understanding by the young readers. Also, I think providing reference for the facts given [other than the Qur'anic verses and the Prophetic ahadeeth] would have made the encyclopedia more complete and authentic. I do not mean to doubt the veracity of any of the facts presented, but to limit the information about their sources to a mere bibliography at the end of the book may not be the best way to introduce Islam. Still, this is a highly recommended read for families with young children. I recommend reading from this encyclopedia during family time, maybe after dinner or the Maghrib salah. The pictures allow for the mood to be enjoyable, not too serious, and the topics are fascinating. Published by Dar-us-Salam Publications, Houston, TX, First edition, 2007, hardcover, 253 pages, 21x29 cm. Reviewed by Abdurrahman Hassen Al-Jumuah Vol 21, Issue 04

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