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Fiqh According to the Qur'an & Sunnah (Vol. 1)
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By: Muhammad Subhi bin Hasan Hallaq
Translator: Sameh Strauch
Pages: 640
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9x1.5" (15x22 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9789960995847
Edition: First, August 2007
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
Shipping Weight: 2.04 lbs

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This book illustrates the many facets of our daily life according the Quran and Sunnah. This book is nicely divided into many sections starting with the Book of Purification and ending with the Book of Zakah. Each book is further subdivided into chapters which explain a specific topic in detail. Every effort is made so everything in the book is proven by the Quran and Sunnah.

Volume 1 covers the following books of Fiqh: Purification, Prayer, Fasting and Zakah.

The complete set, 'Al-Lubab Fee Fiqh As-Sunnah Wal-Kitab,' contains all of the books of Islamic Fiqh and its chapters, accompanied by evidence and is presented in a clear and simple manner, in order that they may be understood by the young and the old, without blindly following any of the schools of Jurisprudence, but rather being subject to authentic proofs and following the most authoritative opinions, without fanatical adherence to any particular group. Rather the author agrees with each group when the truth is with them and contradicts them when they veer from that which is correct.

Fiqh is to achieve access to knowledge of that which is unclear through knowledge of that which is proven, so it is more specific than mere knowledge or learning. And fiqh is knowledge of the juristic law. It is said Faquha -A man has acquired understanding and so he has become a Faqeeh (A scholar of Islamic Jurisprudence); and it is said Faqiha - He has understood it, i.e he has attained understanding of it, and it is said Tafaqqaha - he has devoted himself to the acquisition of (Islamic) Knowledge and specialized in it. Fiqh has been a subject of contention among the scholars as well as layman throughout the history of Islam.

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Reviewer: Christopher from Frederick, United States on 03/23/2015
He is Abu Musab, Muhammad Subhi bin Hasan Hallaaq As-San'ani [in immigration and residence]. He was born in Syria in 1372 and began seeking knowledge from an early age in Jordan, Saudi Arabi and Yemen where he has remained since that time to the present. He studied under several scholars in Aleppo, Hama and Damascus including Muhammad Sa'id Ramadan Al-Buti and met with a number of scholars including Shaykhs Al-Albani in Jordan, Muqbil bin Hadi and Al-Wusabi in Yemen and Shaykhs Hamad Al-Ansari, Abdul-Muhsin and Abdur-Razzaq Al-Badr in Madinah. He was an Imam in Damascus for four years, an Imam in Idlib province for six years and an Imam in Sana'a for nine years. He studied Fiqh and Inheritance in the Scientific Institute of Sana'a for eight years and directed the culture and social activity of the Ministry of Education in Yemen for five years. He has worked on checking the books of Ash-Shawkani and As-San'ani as well as other books including Bidayatul-Mujtahid by Ibn Rushd.

Reviewer: Zakir from Brampton, Canada on 05/15/2011
This is an excellent book on fiqh mashAllah. Very easy to understand. The footnotes are gold for explaining islamic terminology. All references are given from the Quran and Sunnah as the title suggests. Fiqh is an essential study for those who want to learn their deen thoroughly. I recommend this book to everyone who want to know the "do's and don'ts" of Islam for day to day basis and beyond. Very happy with this purchase!

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