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Atlas on the Prophet's Biography
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By: Shawqi Abu Khalil
Pages: 292
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)
Format: Full Color
SKU/ISBN: 9789960897714
Edition: 1st (March 2004)
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
Shipping Weight: 1.65 lbs

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This book rounds up a series of atlases, written and compiled by the author in the same pattern. It reviews the biography of the Prophet (S) and tracks the places he honored by his visits, the battles he fought, and the expeditions and envoys he directed. The book presents all the required maps, illustrations, drawings and pictures.

Briefings and excerpts have been added to the pictures and drawings for better understanding, benefit and satisfaction of the readers.

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A Note from the Publisher

After the valuable presentation, Atlas of the Qur'an, as promised, Darussalam is presenting Atlas on the Prophet's Biography.

This Atlas is also a compilation of the distinguished research scholar Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil. The book is in Arabic language and published by Dar-Al-Fikr, Damascus. Dr. Shawqi completed this Book also after the careful study and research this great work required.

In this Atlas, the Seerah has been given in a brief form, and maps, explanatory diagrams and photographs have been added to show the places and directions of various events that took place in the life of the Prophet ? (S). The maps and illustrations have been presented in chronological order.

Throughout the study of this Atlas, the perception and understanding of the Seerah of the Prophet (S), becomes very easy as if the past events are passing before our eyes in the form of imaginary pictures.

I must thank Mr. Muhammad Adnan Salem, owner of Dar-Al-Fikr, Damascus, for his cooperation and permission to publish the translation of the book.
We pray Allah to make this work beneficial to all of us.

Abdul Malik Mujahid General Manager Darussalam Riyadh March 2004


A Note from the Publisher
1 - A divinely-revealed belief system ('Aqidah)
2 - A belief system that is centered on the laws of Allah
3 - A final message, whose miracle is ongoing and eternal
4 - A message which addresses reason, not emotion
5 - A message to all of mankind
6 - A precise balance between the spiritual and the material
7- An eternal message for every time and place
8 - A message that is protected by the One Who revealed it
The Arabian Peninsula
The Ancestor of the Prophet Ibrahim (A) - The Father of the Prophets, The Close Friend of the Most Merciful
The Most Famous Markets of the Arabs during the Jahiliyyah
The Year of the Elephant (30 August 571 or 570 CE) - The Birth of the Prophet (S)
Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah - His Noble Lineage
The paternal uncles and aunts of the Messenger of Allah (S)
The birth of the Prophet
The War of Al-Fijar (the Sacrilegious War) (580-90 CE)
The cause of the last war of Al-Fijar
The Treaty of AI-Fudul (the Treaty of the Scented Ones)
The Hums
Quraish introduced the idea of the Hums
The tribes who believed in the Hums along with Quraish
At-Tufail ibn 'Amr Al-Azdi Ad-Dausi (Dhun-Nur - the one with the light)
Shortly before the Hijrah - The first and second Pledges at Al-'Aqabah
The Hijrah
The Journey of Salman AI-Farisi - From Isfahan to Al- Madinah
Salman flees to Syria
Salman joins the Bishop of Mosul
Salman joins the Bishop of Nasibain
Salman joins the man in 'Ammuriyah
Salman goes to Wadi Al-Qura
Salman goes to Al-Madinah
Salman hears of the migration of the Prophet (S)
Salman checks on the authenticity of the Prophethood of Muhammad (S)
The change of the Qiblah from Baitul-Maqdis (Jerusalem) to the Holy Ka'bah
Events, Campaigns and Expeditions
The campaign of Sawiq, in Dhul-Hijjah 2 AH
The killing of Ka'b ibn Al-Ashraf
The killing of Salam ibn Abi Huqaiq
The two Envoys of Badhan (Badham) From Sari a' to Al Madinah
The letter of the Messenger of Allah to Chosroes (Epervaiz ibn Hormuz)
Mariyah Al-Qibtiyah (Hafn on the outskirts of Ansina, a village in Upper Egypt)
The letter of the Messenger of Allah To Caesar: Herachus (Early 7 AH; Autumn 628 CE)
The Year of Delegations
The Farewell Pilgrimage
The Governors and Agents of the Messenger of Allah appointed in charge of the Zakah
The Narrators of Hadith (The Books of As Sihah)
The Sahih Books of Ahadith (Kutubus-Sihdh As-Sittah) and their Authors
The Holy Ka'bah (The House, the House of Allah, the Sacred
House, the Ancient House, the Qiblah (direction of prayer)
Area and capacity of Al-Masjid Al-Haram

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Reviewer: Jum'atil from Kuala Kapuas, Indonesia on 01/19/2012
I use this book as reference when delivering speech regarding Sirah Nabawiyah [Prophet Biographies]. The maps that showing where the direction of troops that sent by messenger or the troops that lead by the messenger himself give me the virtual view of the Sirah Nabawiyah. Photos that included in the book also give me more imagination regarding the situation surrounding the Sirah Nabawiyah. I really suggest all the Muslim that can read English to buy this book to improve our understanding on Sirah Nabawiyah.

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