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Urdu: Mutarjam Qur'an Azeez

ترجمة قرآن عزيز

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Urdu: Mutarjam Qur'an Azeez
Code: UR09
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By: Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori
Pages: 966
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7.5x9.5" (19x24 cm)
Shipping Weight: 4.70 lbs
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This is an easy to understand translation of the Quran with unique concise tafseer on its borders. It explains how the verses are connected with each other and the message of each verse is stated briefly. This Tafsir is especially useful for those who do not have time to read a lengthy Tafsir of the Quran.

In the beginning, the contents of the Qur’an have been classified like the topics of the books of Ahadith for the convenience of the readers, researchers and public speakers.

12 great well known scholars of the time have expressed their favorable views about this tafaseer.

May Allah (SWT) bless Shaikh At-Tafseer Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori, the maternal grandfather of Hafiz Abdul Waheed, director of Dar-us-Salam Houston USA branch and make this tafseer Sadaqah Jariyah for Shaikh and his descendants. Ameen.

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