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Al-Wasiyyah (Islamic Will)

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Al-Wasiyyah (Islamic Will)
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By: M. Farooq Malik
Pages: 3 / 6 Will Forms
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Institute of Islamic Knowledge
Shipping Weight: 1.25 lbs
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Single Pkg - $19.95
Family Pkg - $22.95

Al-Wassiyah - The Islamic Will - A mandatory commandment for the residents of North America. Available in Family Package (for community property states) and Single Package (for non-community property states).

Without an 'Islamic Will,' your property will be judged by 'Kafir Law' instead of 'Allah's Law.' Knowing the facts that Islamic Law (Shari'ah) is not recognized by the American Courts, your Iman is in severe danger.

Allah SWT has stated in the Qur'an: "Those who do not judge by the Law which Allah has revealed are indeed Kafirs (Unbelievers)" "Those who do not judge by the Law which Allah has revealed are indeed Zalims Wrongdoers)" "Those who do not judge by the Law which Allah has revealed are indeed Fasiqs (Transgressors)" [Surah Al-Ma'idah 5: 44, 45 & 47]

Think! What excuse will you have on the Day of Judgment if you have the option to judge by the Law of Allah (Shari'ah) through executing an Islamic Will and you did not? Without a properly drawn Will, most of your property may be used up in legal battle; therefore, your property is in danger. Without a Will document a non-Muslim may be assigned as a guardian for your children, therefore, the future of your children is also in danger.

This package contains everything that you need to execute your own Will such as: a complete Manual, tabulating Islamic as well as US Laws, Last Will and Testament forms and envelopes to seal your Will documents.

Single Package (for non-community property) contains:
* Complete Manual
* One set - 3 Will Forms
* One set - 3 Envelopes

Family Package (for community property) contains:
* Complete Manual
* Two sets - 6 Will Forms
* Two sets - 6 Envelopes

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