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Tajweedi Quran with English & Urdu Rules (Persian Script 16 Line) (ZIPPER)

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Tajweedi Quran with English & Urdu Rules (Persian Script 16 Line) (ZIPPER)
Code: Q62
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Pages: 556
Binding: Hardback
Size: 5x7.5x1" (13x19x2.5 cm)
Format: Full Color Glossy
Publisher: Idara Sada-e-Islam #35A
Shipping Weight: 1.80 lbs
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Four color Tajveedi Quran in Urdu & English with similarities & grammatical rules by Hazrat Maulana Qari Rahim Bukhsh Pani Patti (RA).

This unique Persian/Pakistani Tajweedi Qur'an has 16 lines per page making it good for those memorizing the Quran. Each tajwid rule is described in English and Urdu with the same corresponding color of the Arabic text where the tajwid rule occurs.

Additionally this Quran points out Mutashabehaat (similarities) in English and Urdu. This is very useful for those who are or have memorized the Quran so that they can know where similar ayahs occur so that they can correct their memorization.

The complete Quran is divided in to 7 sections (manzils) with each section colored differently (page border color is different for each set of pages).

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Reviewer: Saif from Sydney, Australia on 07/30/2013
Quran is blessing in any form but I am not absolutely happy with this print reason being that print is missing in between words and many words are broken and that is because of printing errors and I think no one has checked it even after print this copy, as far as page quality is concerned its best in class and zipper and external bind is also perfect but if I have to use my pen to join words and to write words at the border by looking at a different copy of Quran and if words are printed on other words then it is shameful. I won't recommend this copy of Quran till publisher ensure that there is no error, I have purchased multiple copies of Quran from Dar-Us-Salam and I would rate all of those at 5 star but not this version.

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