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You vs. You - Series on Self Motivation (10 CD Set)

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You vs. You - Series on Self Motivation (10 CD Set)
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By: Isam Rajab, PH.D.
SKU/ISBN: 9781591441618
Producer: Arees Institute
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Join us for this 12 hour course which will transform your life forever:

  1. You: Who are you? Do you really know yourself? are you aware of what you are capable of doing?
  2. Your Mission and Vision in Life: develop a mission and a vision for your life that will draw you near to Allah and benefit others.
  3. The Secret Law of Attraction: how to attract success and get it. How this secret works and people who have used it.
  4. Procrastination: what is it and how to avoid it.
  5. Effective Planning: get things done!
  6. Change Within: improve your current situation and change thing to your benefit.

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