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Weathering The Storm - Virtues Of Patience (CD)

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Weathering The Storm - Virtues Of Patience (CD)
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By: AbdulBary Yahya
Format: Audio CD
SKU/ISBN: 9781591441939
Producer: ILMQuest
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All of us go through trials in life that try our patience and make us feel we cannot pass the test. Allah tells us in the Quran that He is with the patient. Shaikh Abdul Bary Yahya presents a lecture addressing the golden quality of patience. This lecture provides a rope of strength for everyone who goes through the turmoil of life and gives direction on how to survive the storm.

AbdulBary Yahya was born in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and very soon thereafter immigrated to the U.S. with his family. He grew up in Seattle, WA and after completing his primary and secondary education there, began his studies at the Islamic University of Madinah. It was at the University that he befriended Muhammad Alshareef, as they sat next to each other in the first year of their studies. Upon graduation from the Islamic University of Madinah's College of Shariah, AbdulBary Yahya returned to Vietnam and Cambodia and became a teacher and director of the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society in Cambodia and the Umm al-Qura Charity Organization in Vietnam.

He presently resides in Seattle, WA with his family, and is an instructor with AlMaghrib Institute, an organization that provides trademark double-weekend seminars leading students towards a bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies. He is currently the Imam (spiritual leader and advisor) of Masjid Jaamiul Muslimeen in Seattle, WA. He also holds the positions of President of the Cham Refugee Community and Vice-President of the Islamic Center of Washington State.

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