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Stories of The Salaf (7 CDs)

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Stories of The Salaf (7 CDs)
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By: Ahmed Abu Abdillaah Al-Jazaaeree
Format: 7 Audio CD Album
Producer: Huda Recording
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This album set is comprised of a series of knowledge sessions that cover various aspects of the life of our pious predecessors. We have so much to learn from how they respected one another, how they educated their children, how they sought the knowledge, and how they controlled their anger. Found below are the lecture titles contained in this CD. They will make us ponder upon the noble attributes of the Pious Salaf.

  • The Best Knowledge for Our Children
  • Ghira of the Salaf
  • How the Salaf Used to Respect One Another
  • The Salaf and Their Gaining of Knowledge
  • How the Salaf Managed their Anger
  • Reasons for Destruction
  • Hadith of Juraij (RadiAllaahu 'anhu)
  • A Good Ending

Originally from Algeria, Sheikh Ahmed AI-Jazaaeree has studied under certain notable scholars and students of Knowledge. Due to his fluency in both Arabic and English, he is able to benefit us with that which he learned. May Allaah give him more strength to propagate the da'wah of Islam.

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