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Let Them Grow! (6 CDs)
Code: MH63
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By: Muhammad al-Jibaly
Format: 6 Audio CD Album
Producer: Huda Recording
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This is a collection of interactive workshops conducted on various topics
for Muslim youth. These unique sessions will aid in introducing our children to some essential topics in Islam, including loving Allah, belief in the Day of Judgment, responsibilities of marital life etc...

CD 1: Loving Allah and His Messenger
CD 2: Judgment Day
CD 3: Scenes from the Day of Resurrection
CD 4: The Description of the Hellfire
CD 5: Janazah workshop with the Youth
CD 6: Nikah Workshop


Originally from Lebanon, Sheikh Jibaly is a renowned da'ee, khateeb, author, and translator. He has been involved in da'wah activities For over 20 years, and has translated numerous books on subjects including 'ageedah. Figh, hadith, manhal, & sunnah. Dr. Jibaly has also authored several literary series such as 'The Inevitable Journey"," Enter Into Islam Completely", as well as a four volume series about Marriage and Family.

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