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Zakat Al-Maal Made Easy - Part 1 (5 CDs)

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Zakat Al-Maal Made Easy - Part 1 (5 CDs)
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By: Ghassan Al-Barqawi
Format: 5 Audio CD Album
Producer: Huda Recording
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Zakat is one of the important pillars of Islam. However majority of the Muslims are ignorant with regards to the history, condition and rulings of Zakat. We have those who don't pay zakaat at all. We have those who give but don't give it the right way. And we have those who take zakat from people and distribute it in an unlawful way. All of this can be solved, if we educate ourselves from the Qur'an and Sunnah with regards to the rulings of Zakat. This course introduces the following topics:

• Definition of Zakat and importance of Zakat
• When was Zakat obligated?
• Category of people deserving zakat
• Rulings of transferring zakat from one land to another land
• Zakat should be distributed first come first serve.
• All portion of zakat can be given to a person who is need to fulfill his need
• Mistakes and bid'ah of those who use zakat to build masjid,pay for electricity etc.. for the


Shaykh Ghassan received Ijazah (Highest Islamic Certification) in Hadith & Teaching Islam # 500 dated 27 Jumada A-Thaniah 1416 A.H from the renowned scholar, Shaykh Mugibel Ibn Hadi AlWadiai of Yemen. He went to UK to study Engineering (did not finish). He earned MBA from City University, WA. He taught Business at Limestone College, SC and worked for Kinko's Corporation as an Accounting Manager.

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