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Arabian Sinbad - Arabic Learning Treasure Chest

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Arabian Sinbad - Arabic Learning Treasure Chest
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SKU/ISBN: 800961330181
Publisher: Emari Toons
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Arabian Sinbad is an innovative new learning kit designed with both the native and non-native speakers of Arabic in mind.

Learning Arabic Is Now As Easy As Watching A Cartoon!

This amazing 9 DVDs set with 18 cartoon episodes and more than 7 hours of animation, utilizes the renowned "Language Immersion & Repetition Method" which plunges the viewer into the new language as if he or she were explorers in that country! Further complimented by a bonus 24 Sing-A-long songs CD; viewers will learn Arabic and easily build a vocabulary of over 500 of the most widely used Arabic words.

More than 24 cute and hilarious cartoon characters with the superstar-role given to Arabian Sinbad a young sailor with a perfect classical Arabic accent and a love for treasures and adventures, are now ready to teach you Arabic as part of the recently released "Second Edition" of the 'Arabian Sinbad Arabic Language Treasure Package" coined as the world's most effective Arabic language learning tool.

Those 24+ adorable characters are on a mission to totally immerse the viewer in the beautiful Arabic language to build his or her Arabic vocabulary and strengthen their classic Arabic pronunciation. Viewers will quickly make direct mental, visual and audible connections between what they see and what they hear without an intermediary, thereby developing an ear for the Arabic language unique sounds and rhythms. With Arabian Sinbad, the viewer will be exposed to more than 500 Arabic words both audibly and visually through an absolutely entertaining and engaging storyline.

Treasure Chest - Product Features

  • Eighteen animated episodes divided among nine DVDs (two 18-22 minute episodes per DVD).
  • Developed and recommended by educators
  • For the native and non-native speaker
  • Animated episode and supplements work collectively for a world of Arabic fun.
  • Instruction Manual with Teacher's Guide included
  • A fun alternative that enhances traditional Arabic learning!
  • Entertaining episodes feature "Total immersion method" where only Arabic is spoken
  • Hands-on supplements are bilingual with English instruction.
  • Over 500 Arabic vocabulary words are introduced
  • Perfect for classrooms, individuals, home-school learning or even just for fun.
Inside the Treasure Chest you'll find:
  • 7 hours of animation on 10 DVDs with Arabic & English subtitles
  • 24 original songs Sing-Along CD
  • PC game
  • Activity & coloring books with 100+ stickers
  • Full-size Arabic alphabet poster
  • 500 words illustrated dictionary
  • Parents and teacher user guide
  • 52 flash cards
  • Theater role-play book with play cards

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