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ISLAM - The Only Solution to World Peace (DVD)

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ISLAM - The Only Solution to World Peace (DVD)
Code: MD040
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By: Khalid Yasin
Format: Video DVD
Producer: 1Islam
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Part 1 (also on CD from the related items):
This lecture highlights the comparison between the major religions and political systems of the world. After going through each system and some shocking statistics, one is left with absolutely no doubt that Islam has and always will have the only solution to world peace. God the creator has given us Islam; the perfect system of life.

Part 2:
Following part 1, Shaykh Khalid Yasin outlines the necessary qualities for a system that is worthy of attaining the title The Solution to World Peace. As he begins to describe these qualities, one slowly recognises that all political systems and religions are disqualified - except the true and final religion of Allah  Islam; a complete and perfect system, and way of life.

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