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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (DVD)

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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (DVD)
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Format: DVD Film
SKU/ISBN: 9337463002915
Producer: UPF / KIKIM
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The dramatic story of Muhammad, who changed world history in 20 years and continues to influence the lives of a billion people, will challenge prevailing perceptions of Islam. This thorough portrait of Islam's founder and prophet, based on historical records and modern interpretations by followers, takes viewers into American Muslims' homes, mosques, and workplaces, then journeys to ancient Middle Eastern sites where it all began.

"Innovative documentary interweaves 7th century biography with the lives of 21st century American Muslims inspired and guided by Muhammad's example." His father died before he was born, and his mother died when he was only six. But sheltered by a powerful uncle, he made a good start in life, established himself in a profitable business and married well. Then, at the age of 40, he was transformed. A man who could not read or write, he announced that he was the prophet of God. His name was Muhammad, and in the next 23 years he would bring peace to the warring pagan tribes of Arabia and establish the religion of Islam, which today has 1.2 billion followers.

Three years in the making, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, travels in the footsteps of the prophet to the Arabian desert and the holy city of Mecca where much of Muhammad's story unfolded. But the film does not just stay in the past. Much of it's story is told through the observations of contemporary American Muslims, including a fireman at the World Trade Center on September 11, a second generation Arab-American family building a community based on Islamic principles, a Congressional Chief of Staff working for justice, and a refugee fleeing religious persecution, whose experiences in some way echo Muhammad's life. With some of the  greatest scholars on Islam providing historical context and critical perspective, Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet is history in the present tense. It tells of intrigue and faith, bitter persecution and the birth of a holy book, brutal war and brilliant diplomacy in a desert environment where tribal allegiance was often the only protection.

This is an excellent resource for people seeking knowledge about the beginnings of Islam, as well as a better understanding of the millions of American Muslims who regard Muhammad as the Last Prophet.

This is the DVD of the popular PBS documentary with additional material, including deleted scenes, interviews with the producers, a virtual hajj, and more.

A KQED presentation, MUHAMMAD: LEGACY OF A PROPHET is produced by Kikim Media and Unity Productions Foundation (2002)

Created and Produced by: Alexander Kronemer and Michael Wolfe
Produced and Directed by: Michael Schwarz
Narrated by: Andre Braugher

Special DVD Features include:

  • Virtual Hajj English and Arabic subtitles
  • 'Making of' interviews with Michael Wolfe, Alex Kronemer, Michael Schwartz
  • Deleted scenes

More information and tools about this video can be found PBS website.

Dar-us-Salam.com is carrying this DVD because it is great for dawah purposes. Although there is some objectionable material like women giving Azan (not allowed in Islam), overall it is effective in showing the legacy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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