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Juz Amma & Part of Juz Tabarak with English Translation (2 CDs)
Code: MC99
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Format: Audio CD
Length (min): 80 min
Producer: Dar-us-Salam Studio
Shipping Weight: 0.45 lbs

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This beautiful audio CD set contains recitation of Juz Amma (Para 30) and part of Tabarak (Para 29) from the Noble Quran with by verse by verse English translation. Recitation is done by Sheikh Nadir Al-Qallawi & English read by Bilal Abdul-Karim.

CD 1 contains Surah Muzzammil (#73) to Surah Al-Infitar (#82).
CD #2 contains Surah Mutaffifin (#83) to An-Nas (#114)

Complete Noble Qur'an can be purchased from the Related Items table.

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