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Juz' Amma Teacher with Blank Spaces for Repetition (2 CDs)

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Juz' Amma Teacher with Blank Spaces for Repetition (2 CDs)
Code: MC74b
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By: Mishary Rashid Al-Efasy
Format: 2 Audio CDs
Length (min): 140
SKU/ISBN: 9781590100516
Producer: SoundKnowledge Audio
Shipping Weight: 0.31 lbs
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Juz Amma Teacher is perfect practice to developing excellence and precision in reciting and memorizing the Qur'an. It uses an interactive and practical approach to reciting and memorizing Juz' Amma, of the 30th part of the Qur'an. Each verse is recited with expert precision followed by a pause that gives the listener an opportunity to repeat the verse.

The listener must repeat the verse in the given length of time before the Qari begins the next verse. In this way, the student learns proper pronunciation and timing of recitation as well as memorization of the Qur'an - a classical proven method. Fresh from his worldwide success with his ever-popular recitation of the Qur'an, Qari Meshary Rashed Alafasy uses his clear and melodious voice to guide the young scholars through the last part of the Qur'an on two complete CDs.

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