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Prayer Cap: Netting Nylon (Assorted Designs)
Code: G30
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Durable netting nylon prayer cap available in assorted colors and designs. One size fits all... stretches to your size (medium to extra large).

Some Assorted Designs
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Black Color
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Sample Multicolor
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Note: Old Item for Netting Nylon Cap - #R19b

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Reviewer: Donald from Smyrna, United States on 04/24/2012
This kufi is by far the best kufi I have yet.. Im org. from philly & there are a lot of islamic stores up there. I only shop at to when I go back up there from time to time, but I could never find the right kufi for my large head, but thanks to Dar-us-salam I found the perfect one that fits my head nice.Brothers if you have a large hed this is the kufi for us. alhamdulillaah

Reviewer: Christopher from BLACKLICK, United States on 03/26/2011
As salamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allah. Brothers, this tagiyah isn't very stretchy like Spandex, but does have give to it. The stretch comes from the way it is knit, not the material, and has much more give than a standard kufi/crown. It does fit my [large] head well. It is a radiant snow white color, with a slight sheen but not shiny. The quality of the knit net seems to be good. It fits very well under a keffiyeh and fits snugly to the head [the keffiyeh doesn't slide or pull the tagiyah off] and is comfortable to wear at all times.

Reviewer: on 01/29/2011
Excellent kufi, alhamdulillaah. Insha'Allaah, I would definitely recommend this kufi to any of my brothers.

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