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The Need for Creed Series (10 Books)

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The Need for Creed Series (10 Books)
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By: Moazzam Zaman
Pages: 220
Binding: Hardback
Size: 5x8" (13x20 cm)
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
Shipping Weight: 5.40 lbs

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The Need for Creed series is a collection of 10 colorful board books of rhyming poetry full of faith-building information for young and confident readers. A wonderful introduction for impressionable young minds to get to know the core beliefs (Aqeedah) that are held dear by orthodox Muslims. Each book is loaded with Islamically accurate information and contains an 'Islamictionary' (a simplified children's glossary) to explain Arabic and Islamic words and concepts. The Need for Creed series condenses Islamic Aqeedah according to authentic sources for children, and acts as a solid springboard from which they can launch into further study to enhance their knowledge and reinforce their own Islamic need for creed.

The Need for Creed series set contains the following 10 books:

  1. Allah: The One True God
  2. Angels: Beings of Light
  3. Jinn: Beings of Fire
  4. Holy Books: Allah's Guidance
  5. Prophets: Allah's Messengers
  6. Al-Qadar: Allah's Decree
  7. Heaven: Gardens of Bliss
  8. Hell: Pits of Punishment
  9. Signs of The Hour: End of Days
  10. The Last Day: Beyond Death

Each book is 5x8" and contains 22 full color hard pages.

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