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Advisors of The Prophet (S)
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By: Abdul Aziz As-Shanawi
Pages: 173
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9789960956275
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
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This book includes the biographies of the following great Sahabah:

'Abdullah bin Zaid, Sa'd bin Ar-Rabi, 'Abdullah bin Jahsh, Salman Al-Farisi,  'Abdullah bin Rawahah,  Al-Hubab bin Al-Mundhir,  Usaid bin Hudair, Usamah bin Zaid,  Sa'd bin Mu'adh, Naufal bin Mu'awiyah, Sa'd bin 'Ubadah, and Malik bin Sinan (May Allah be pleased with them all).

Table of Contents

  • 'Abdullah bin Zaid (R)
    • His Full Name and Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • His Acceptance of Islam
    • A Return to Al-'Aqabah
    • The Call to Prayer
    • With the Messenger of Allah A Narrator of Hadith His Death
  • Sa'd bin Ar-Rabi (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Acceptance of Islam
    • The Leader of Banu Al-Harith
    • Establishing Bonds of Brotherhood Between the Muhajirun and the Ansar The Day of Badr
    • The Prophet Consults with Sa'd bin Ar-Rabi (R)
    • The Day of Uhud
    • I Am Among the Dead
    • The Two Daughters of Sa'd bin Ar-Rabi (R)
  • 'Abdullah bin Jahsh (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Acceptance of Islam
    • Al-Habashah
    • Migration to Al-Madinah
    • The Leader of the First Muslim Military Unit
    • 'Abdullah bin Jahsh's Sister Gets Married
    • Bonds of Brotherhood
    • The Messenger of Allah &, Consults With 'Abdullah bin Jahsh (R)
    • The Day of Uhud
    • The Stick
    • His Supplication Answered
    • 'Abdullah bin Jahsh's Death
  • Salman Al-Farisi (R)
    • Salman's Lineage
    • Salman s Emancipation
    • The First Muslim Engineer
    • Bonds of Brotherhood
    • Salman s Ranking Among the Muslims
    • His Death
  • 'Abdullah bin Rawahah (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • His Mother
    • One of the Leading Delegates During the Second 'Aqabah Pledge Bonds of Brotherhood
    • A Messenger of the Messenger of Allah
    • The Messenger of Allah (S) Consults 'Abdullah bin Rawahah (R)
    • 'Abdullah bin Rawahah (R) the Poet
    • 'Abdullah bin Rawahah's Feats on the Battlefield
    • The Day of Mo'tah
    • Back in Al-Madinah Words of Praise for 'Abdullah bin Rawahah (R)
  • Al-Hubab bin Al-Mundhir (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • The Day of Badr The Wise Counsel of Al-Hubab bin Al-Mundhir (R)
    • Banu An-Nadir and Banu Quraizah
    • The Day of Khaibar AI-Hubab's Death
  • Usaid bin Hudair (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • His Islam
    • The Representative of Banu 'Abdul-Ashhal
    • Bonds of Brotherhood
    • The Day of Uhud
    • The Battle of Banu Al-Mustaliq
    • His Ranking Among the Muslims
    • His Death
  • Usamah bin Zaid (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • A Brief Description
    • The Prophet's Love for Usamah (R)
    • Riding Behind the Messenger of Allah (S)
    • Usamah bin Zaid's Counsel And Steadfast Faith
    • A Dutiful Son
    • The Day of the Makkah Conquest
    • In Regard to Allah's Set Limits, No Intercession is Accepted
    • Do You Enjoin People to do Good
    • His Ranking Among the Muslims
    • The Caliphate of 'Umar (R)
    • He did not Take Sides During the Days of Fitnah (Trials, Tribulations, Internal Strife among the Muslims)
    • Indeed, Allah does not Love the Al-Fdhish or the AI-Mutafahhish A Narrator of Hadith
    • His Death
  • Sa'd bin Mu'adh (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • His Islam
    • Bonds of Brotherhood
    • The Day of Badr
    • The Day of Uhud
    • The Day of Al-Khandaq
    • A Meeting To Consult With Sa'd bin Mu'adh and Sa'd bin 'Ubadah
    • Sa'd's Supplication Answered, and a Ruling that is Confirmed from above the Seven
    • Heavens.
    • The Death of Sa'd bin Mu'adh (R)
  • Naufal bin Mu'awiyah (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Islam
    • The Makkah Conquest
    • The Freed Ones
    • The Day of Hunain
    • The Ccunsel of Nauful bin Mu'awiyah Ad-Dili
    • With the Messenger of Allah (S)
    • During the Caliphate of 'Umar bin Al-Khattab (R)
    • His Death
    • A Narrator of the Prophet's Ahadith
  • Sa'd bin 'Ubadah (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • Before Islam
    • His Islam
    • Tortured for his Beliefs
    • Sa'd's Generosity
    • The Banner of the Messenger of Allah (S)
    • The Prophet Consults Sa'd bin 'Ubadah
    • on the Day of Khandaq. Sa'd bin 'Ubadah (R) and Banu Quraizah
    • The People of Suffah
    • The Death of 'Amrah bint Mas'ud (R) Sending Prayers upon the Prophet
    • The Day of the Makkah Conquest
    • The Roofed Shelter of Banu Sa idah
    • Sa'd's Death
  • Malik bin Sinan (R)
    • His Lineage
    • His Kunyah
    • His Islam
    • The Changing of the Qiblah
    • The Day of Uhud
    • Malik's Death

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