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Islam in the Eyes of an Artist * ON SALE!
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By: Ezzat I. Abouleish, M.D.
Pages: 128
Binding: Hardback
Size: 11x8.5x0.50" (21x28x1 cm)
Format: Full Color
Shipping Weight: 2.02 lbs
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Hundreds of books on art are available. They usually represent and analyze the artist's work many years later after being painted. This author felt that no one can interpret the artwork better than the artist himself, i.e., describing the motive andexplaining the message. The author has had life-time interest in Islamic Art, thus he decided to collect his life-time art on Islam and publish it. This is his second book on that subject. The first one (Ninety-nine Names of God) is under publication. Since the author has lived over 40 years in the United States, he wanted to present Islam and express its meanings and spirituality in paintings because it is easier for Westerners to understand; a picture is more than a thousand words. In general, Islamic Art carries a deep message and is beautiful in color, design, and shape. One hundred and seven paintings are presented reflecting on Islamic history, principles, beliefs, and spirituality. They have been successfully exhibited many times in the United States.

The author has dedicated this book to "All Members of the Abouleish Family" because of their artistic inclination in different forms of art. He specially thanks, Mrs. Atiya Abouleish, his wife, for her patience and dedication to having this book and other works being accomplished.

Ezzat I. Abouleish, M.D.
Houston May 22, 2007

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