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Gems and Jewels

Wise Sayings, Interesting Events & Moral Lessons from the Islamic History

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Gems and Jewels
Code: 180
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By: Abdul Malik Mujahid
Pages: 327
Binding: Hardback
Size: 6x9" (15x22 cm)
SKU/ISBN: 9789960897592
Edition: 1st (2004)
Publisher: Dar-us-Salam
Shipping Weight: 1.13 lbs

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Excerpts and passages collected from many books written by the scholars of the Islam have been compiled in this book. The writings will be of equal interest to all Muslims whether they are Children or Adults, and similarly they will gain a lot of virtues, develop good character patterns, and adopt intellectual behavior in their lives from the examples of the great personalities of Islam.

Publisher's Note

Darussalam is presenting Gems & Jewels for the readers. This book is based on excerpts and passages collected from many books written by the scholars of Islam. The wise sayings, interesting events, logical deductions, intelligent approaches, admonitions, moral lessons and teachings etc., have been compiled to
give the readers the opportunity of knowing what the great personalities of Islam have been doing in their life and how their character has been an example for us to follow.

We hope that the presentation of Gems & Jewels will be a continuing process, and we will be compiling and publishing one volume after the other providing the readers gems and jewels from our glorious history.

The writings in this series will be of equal interest to all Muslims whether they are children or adults, and similarly they will gain a lot of virtues, develop good character patterns, and adopt intellectual behavior in their lives. Because of the usefulness of the series, we are planning to produce it in other languages also so that a majority of the Muslims may be able to benefit from it. We pray to Allah for the success.

Abdul-Malik Mujahid
General Manager Darussalam

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Product Rating & Reviews

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Reviewer: on 06/30/2013
Masha-Allah This is a wonderful and inspiring book about our predecessors and how they dealt with issues within their lives. I read this book quickly and found it hard to put it down once I started. I recommnend this book and share with your children, friends and fellow Muslims in the Masjid.

Reviewer: Ali from Miami, United States on 07/23/2010
A great book with alot of great reminders that we all can learn from. This book gives us little stories with alot of wisdom behind them. These stories are very easy to read. This is a great book to keep bed side to read a couple of stories a day. Highly reccommend this book.

Reviewer: Al-Jumuah from Madison, United States on 03/13/2009
Among the innumerable pieces of wisdom and guidance Gems and Jewels has to offer, the wonderful anecdotes, appended from the written works of a wide range of classical scholars, stand out in particular. They provide a unique window into the world of our predecessors and translate their words of wisdom into language accessible to the modern Muslim. Compiler Abdul Malik Mujahid keenly keeps his audience in mind by compiling narratives ranging from humorous tales to parables of the best generations after the Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam. This feature highlights everyday interactions of the Companions and other notable figures of past and present times with an emphasis on developing virtues by adhering to the morals of Islam. For those looking for bedtime stories that do more than just entertain, teachers hoping to find material to share in the classroom, or those seeking for a way to engage one's audience during a community talk, this book is by far a most exceptional resource. Fictional and non-fictional tales share the same platform as they weave into the hearts and minds of the reader the essence of many Islamic principles and practices. Stories are coupled with lessons from hadeeth and seerah along with descriptions of the times of the rulers of various Islamic states. This book provides the modern day Muslim with a varied perspective on the lives and roles of Muslims in the past that serve as inspiration to move forward. - Reviewed by Sana Khan - Al-Jumuah Vol 21 Issue 3 - Rabi'ul Awwal 1430H.

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